SP Laboratory is accredited under the ISO/IEC 17025 standard by the Accreditation Body of Serbia and the quality assurance system complies with the requirements of this standard. It was accredited for the first time by the Accreditation Body of Serbia in September 2001, and the last reaccreditation was in February 2015.

In order to react quickly and satisfy the requirements of customers, SP Laboratory is the first laboratory in Serbia that opted to apply the flexible scope of accreditation for testing of residues of pesticides active substances in food and feed and for testing of genetic modification in plant material and technological processed products with ingredients of plant origin. Therefore, SP Laboratory has the ability to make changes in the accredited scope of accreditation in the part of these two tests without prior assessment by the Accreditation Body of Serbia. All information about the list of accredited pesticides and GMO testings are available in the "List of activities conducted under the flexible scope of accreditation" below the Scope of Accreditation. This proves that SP Laboratory is the one of the most advanced laboratories in Serbia following international trends and that with its capacity and expertise it is ranked among internationally recognized laboratories.

SP Laboratory constantly works to improve the quality of its service through:

  • Following global trends in the field of control and testing
  • Providing permanent employee education
  • Modernising testing equipment and facilities
  • Adopting new testing methods
  • International inter-laboratory tests

The quality assurance system is based on a system of procedures that ensures the objectivity, impartiality, efficiency and maximum reliability of the test results, through internationally recognised testing methods employing state-of-the-art equipment (analyses in line with the SRPS, ISO, SRPS ISO standards, AACC, AOCS, AOAC and other methods), spatial conditions which allow the tests to be carried out smoothly without any risk of possible cross-contamination or degradation, and with professional staff who constantly expand their knowledge and fields of expertise.

Quality policy

In order to maintain customer’s general satisfaction, SP Laboratory has developed a Code of conduct for customer satisfaction which contains principles of conduct which SP Laboratory adheres to:

Code of conduct for customer satisfaction