SP Laboratory has the most sophisticated and completely reliable test equipment, which is controlled in line with all metrology requirements.

It is the only laboratory in the Balkans that possesses an IRMS (Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometer), a device for examining stable isotopes, which is used for determining the originality and the geographic origin of a product, which will be of special assistance to domestic producers when placing their products on the European Union markets. Among other things, IRMS can determine the following:

  • Whether the alcohol in fruit brandy originates only from fruit, or if industrial crops or sugar were used in its production
  • Whether juice declared as 100% fruit is really without any added sugar and water
  • Whether any sugar was added to honey
  • Whether CO2 in natural mineral water originates from the spring or synthetic CO2 was additionally added
  • Whether sugar originates from sugar beet or sugar cane
  • Whether wine has been produced by grape processing or it is counterfeit

SP Laboratory possesses the following laboratory instruments and equipment: