Testing of biocidal products

In cooperation with the laboratories of J.S. Hamilton, we are able to offer  efficacy testing of biocidal products. According to the Law on Biocidal Products ("Official Gazette of RS", 36/2009, 88/2010, 92/2011 and 25/2015) biocidal product is an active substance or mixture containing one or more active substances, prepared in the form whom users are supplied, and whose purpose is to chemically or biologically destroy, deter, render harmless, prevent the action or control undesirable organisms.

By testings it can be determined whether the product meets the biocidal properties declared by the manufacturer and whether is efficient as a germicidal and fungicidal product. Products that can be tested are biocides for human hygiene use, disinfectants for public and individual use and products used for the disinfection of surfaces which are used for direct contact with food or feeding stuffs. Testings are performed according to EN standards. For more information or an offer, our e-mail address splaboratorija@splaboratorija.rs is at your disposal.